How to care for your jewellery

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Jewellery is built to last, ensuring that you take care of your jewellery will help it last forever. Ideally, it is best to get your jewellery cleaned once a year. This way it will maintain its shine and for a professional to inspect your jewellery for damage that has gone unnoticed. In between a yearly clean, you can maintain its look by following the following advice:

Silver jewellery care guide

Silver baby chain To avoid damaging your silver jewellery you will need to avoid contact from a range of substances such as swimming (chlorine) and exercise (sweating).

Other things include cigarette smoke, certain paints, perfume, body lotions, sunscreen etc.. As this could tarnish your silver jewellery. The only practical solution is to avoid exposure to the above substances and store your silver jewellery in a cool, dry place as heat and moisture accelerate your piece of silver jewellery to get tarnished.

If tarnish has occurred, you will need to know how to clean it without damaging the silver. To clean your silver jewellery use a polishing cloth, rubbing the area gently to give that amazing shine. This works well for removing mild tarnishing. If the tarnish is severe then it is best to seek professional advice.



GoldHollow Football Boot Pendant jewellery care guide

To last a lifetime gold jewellery should be handled with care. In general, gold is ever lasting and very durable but can easily get scratched or dented if mistreated.

This commonly occurs to items worn on the hands such as bangles, bracelets and rings. To avoid this happening, remove your piece of jewellery before doing any vigorous activity. Like silver, avoid any chemicals such as chlorine or anywhere that contains chlorine such as swimming pools and cleaning detergents.

You can clean your gold jewellery with special sprays and wipes. To avoid scratching your gold jewellery when cleaning, always use a microfiber cloth (not tissue) so that the shine is restored. Furthermore, keep your jewellery in individual boxes so that they would not tangle with one another thus leading to potential damage and store in a cool dry place.

Remember, enjoy wearing your gold jewellery but just as importantly take good care of it, so it will last a lifetime.

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